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Mr. John was born and brought up in Varosha (Ghost town Famagusta). His family owned a citrus tree grove big piece of land, just outside the town along the coast.

Three minutes driving by car or a cigarette off-road walking from Derinia village.

Mr. John, being the eldest son of four, was responsible for the irrigation of his land. Unfortunately in 1974 at the age of 15, was forced with his family to abandon their home and their land because of the Turkish invasion.

Since then, the northern part of the island is under Turkish military control.


Mr. John was also studied in all the secondary schools in the ghost town and he knows every single corner of the ghost city and the history of each different area.

A, Gymnasium Famagusta 1970-1972

C, Gymnasium Famagusta 1972-1973

B, Gymnasium Famagusta 1973-1974

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